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SensoLight Nomadic Therapeutic Lamp

SensoLight Nomadic Therapeutic Lamp

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Discover the SensoLight, our latest creation for 2022, a cutting-edge portable lamp that makes the main benefits of the Sensosphere© accessible to the general public in a simplified version that is very easy to use. Thanks to its patented “light modulation” technology, this portable lamp adapts to your needs, wherever you are: on the move, in the office, at home and on vacation. The SensoLight is there to accompany you freely and efficiently in your daily life.

Therapeutic benefits:

  • Relaxation & balance: With its therapeutic anti-stress properties, the SensoLight is much more than a simple lamp, it acts as your ally to help you relax and find balance on a daily basis.
  • Mental Clarity & Energy: SensoLight's light moods also promote mental clarity and energy, helping you stay focused and productive throughout the day.
  • Wake up light & restful sleep: Enjoy the wake up light and soothing natural sounds for a gentle wake up, and use the soothing light feature for a deep and restful sleep, improving your sleep quality.
  • Pure & clean light, designed to bring soothing and beneficial lighting to your environment.

Well-being features:

  • Light Alarm Clock, Dawn Simulator, Natural Sounds: The SensoLight is equipped with a light alarm clock and a built-in speaker allowing you to enjoy soothing natural sounds. With a simple gesture, it announces the time to you in a gentle and harmonious way, promoting a gentle awakening and a peaceful transition to your day.
  • Custom Mood: Choose from the different light moods available, such as Relax, Balance, Energy, Party, Gamma, Nightlight, and Psychedelic, to create an ambience that perfectly matches your needs and mood.
  • Monochrome Atmosphere: Become a master of the SensoLight, managing colors and brain waves thanks to the Lab function.
  • Deep, Restful Sleep: Use the soothing light feature to induce deeper, restful sleep. The SensoLight helps you relax before falling asleep, improving the quality of your sleep.

Main Features :

  • State-of-the-art nomadic light, offering a unique lighting experience
  • Hand-blown glass globe 12 cm in diameter for a refined aesthetic
  • Light range of approximately 2 meters, for enveloping lighting
  • Interactivity with movement: The SensoLight reacts dynamically when you move it, modifying the light modulations in a lively and unpredictable way.
  • Long-lasting bulbs: The built-in LED light sources have an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours, guaranteeing you several years of continuous use.

The SensoLight is the ideal companion for your well-being, offering a therapeutic and interactive light experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Eve Jedryka

I would like to thank the sensolight team who are very available and caring.
The device is now an integral part of the massages and services that I offer as part of my new activity.
I also use it for myself during my administrative work sessions and to help me fall asleep and wake up.

S. Razo

Thanks to Sensolight which accompanies me while I work several hours in front of the computer, I do not feel exhausted at the end of the day. Now I feel like I have more time and energy for myself.

Emanuelle Seigner
I adore

I love SensoLight, it warms my heart ♥️


Small and light, I can easily take it with me when I take Yoga classes. Used in a gym, its presence supports meditation.

Partner of my rituals!

My Sensolight has become the partner of my life rituals! In the morning it accompanies my Dance playlist with its energy mode, during the day it serenades me with the balance mode throughout my consultations and at night I like to return to the monochrome mode in order to create a subdued red atmosphere which evokes the sunset when I go to bed. She now even follows me on vacation!!
Be careful not to choose the wrong mode at night or you will no longer sleep!

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