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"The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine" Albert Einstein

SensoLight offers you state-of-the-art chromatic light therapy devices, based on patented technology. This real innovation is based on the use of the resonance of specific frequencies to stimulate your brain waves and certain physiological rhythms, thus aiming to balance your autonomic nervous system.

The SensoLight, the fruit of 30 years of research

Thanks to the progress made in the fields of science and technology, our complex devices initially designed, and mainly used for more than 15 years in therapeutic and medical environments, have made it possible to evolve towards a device more accessible to the general public under a user-friendly and playful form, such as the SensoLight. This advance allows a greater number of people to benefit from the benefits of this technology, which transforms your daily life in a positive way.

At the heart of all our devices, we have incorporated the patented “light modulation” technology developed by renowned physicist Anadi Martel. Over the past 30 years, he has conducted extensive research on light and its applications, which has led him to create innovative devices that combine light, sound and touch. Its flagship inventions, such as the Sensora, SensoSpheres and the most recent SensoLight, incorporate this advanced technology called “light modulation”.

Anadi Martel is also the author of the book "The power of light", published in 2016 by Éditions Trédaniel.

The Power of Light

A patented technology called "Light Modulation"

SENSORTECH Light Modulation is a patented process based on advanced scientific principles. Using sophisticated algorithms, delicate pulsations of light are generated, continuously introducing subtle variations in color and resonance of specific frequencies.

These variations are carefully designed to interact harmoniously with certain physiological rhythms, such as brain waves, heartbeat and breathing, to meet individual wellness needs.

Sensora, SensoSpheres and SensoLight devices are specially designed to diffuse this therapeutic light, providing an experience to improve the mental, emotional and physical well-being of users. This innovative approach aims to promote relaxation, relieve stress and potentially support certain aspects of individuals' mental and emotional health.

Stimulation of brain waves by frequency resonance

Brainwave stimulation through frequency resonance is an advanced technique in audio-visual entrainment (AVE). Its objective is to stimulate the brain to adopt frequencies corresponding to specific mental states sought. This approach aims to support the reduction of stress, anxiety and to balance the autonomic nervous system.

color therapy

The use of pure colors in our devices is inspired by the symbolism of colors in Chromotherapy, Colored Light Therapy and Chromatotherapy. These therapies are based on the chromatic circle of colors that make up white light.

These empirical practices date back to antiquity, more than 5,000 years ago. Building on these rich traditions, our devices reproduce the same color wavelengths found in natural white sunlight. Thanks to scientific advances, we now know that each color corresponds to a specific wavelength, frequency and amount of energy. The colors are thus classified into categories called "warm", "cold" or "hinge". Taking these elements into account, we have associated the brain waves that correspond to this symbolism in order to create luminous atmospheres adapted to your needs.

That's why we also created the Monochrome mood, which allows targeted use of a specific color or a variation in the waveband of it, with the possibility of adding brainwaves to it according to your preferences.

Pure & clean light

The SensoLight uses LED lamps with high-precision electronic control circuits that generate stable, clean light suitable for therapeutic application, unlike that given off by most inexpensive devices which has substantial cross-hatching. Although invisible to the naked eye, the "light noise" generated by this blinking contributes to environmental stress. With the SensoLight, you will benefit from quality light, thus promoting a soothing atmosphere conducive to well-being.

Interactivity with movement

The SensoLight reacts dynamically when you move it, changing light modulations in lively and unpredictable ways. Have fun transforming the light of the SensoLight according to the inclination and orientation you give it, and also according to the speed of your movements.