Il y'a un rayon lumineux qui se dégage à travers la forêt. Il y'a également une brise dans la forêt.

The 3 types of light influences

Light exerts a multiple influence.

The first type of influence is biophysical, linked to the action of light on the biochemistry of our cells, on our visual system and on our hormonal system.

This objective action lends itself perfectly to scientific investigation, and the new "medicine of light" is an increasingly convincing witness to this.

The second type of influence is energetic, linked to the interaction between light and the so-called “subtle energy” systems, specific to Life and to all living organisms.

This is also an objective action: one particularly thinks of the system of acupuncture meridians and of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The third type of influence is psychological and symbolic. It stems from ancestral associations with light and color stemming from thousands of years of evolution, from our cultural environment with its color conventions.

This influence is subjective, but it can nonetheless have profound effects on our physical and mental health, including through what medicine calls the “placebo effect,” or the influence of mind over matter.

Thanks to its patented technology called "Light Modulation", our technological jewel sensolight therefore acts on the regulation of our biophysical systems; our energetic and subtle body; as well as on calming our minds.

Source: A.Martel, The Power of Light, Ed. Trédaniel
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