Il y'a un rayon lumineux qui se dégage à travers la forêt. Il y'a également une brise dans la forêt.

The 3 types of light influences

Light exerts a multiple influence.

Light, this omnipresent natural force, does not simply illuminate our physical world. It exerts a profound influence on our being, acting on several levels that transcend simple lighting. In this article, we will explore the multiple facets of light's influence, from biophysical effects to its energetic and symbolic power.

Its biophysical influence: Light is not only a visual phenomenon, it also has a biophysical impact on our body. It interacts with the biochemistry of our cells, our visual system and our hormonal balance. This objective interaction has been the subject of in-depth scientific research, particularly in the emerging field of light medicine. This innovative discipline explores how light can be used to regulate our biological systems, paving the way for new medical approaches.

Its energetic influence: Light is also intimately linked to our subtle energy systems. Ancient traditions, such as traditional Chinese medicine, have long recognized the importance of acupuncture meridians and life energy. These systems respond to light, and this energetic interaction can have a significant impact on our well-being. Understanding and harnessing this connection can open new doors to holistic healing for us.

Its psychological and symbolic influence: Beyond its physical effects, light has a profound influence on our psyche. Millennia of evolution have woven symbolic links between light, colors and our inner experience. These ancestral associations are found in our culture, influencing our emotions and our perception of the world. The placebo effect is a striking example: our belief in the power of light can actually influence our physical and mental health.

In this context, a revolutionary technology is emerging: light modulation. Innovations such as the technological jewel Sensolight exploit this modulation to regulate our biophysical systems, harmonize our energy in a subtle way and soothe our mind. By understanding the multiple influences of light, we can explore new horizons for our well-being and fulfillment.

To learn more about our patented technology, discover our article on light modulation.

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Source: A. Martel, The Power of Light, Ed. Trédaniel

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