Il y a deux mains jointes qui reçoivent un rayon lumineux.

Sensolight: a patented technology

Discover the modulation of light: A patented technology from Anadi Martel

Immerse yourself in the heart of an unparalleled technological advance with “Light Modulation”, a patented process which defines the very essence of Sensolight. This exceptional feat, resulting from the in-depth research of Anadi Martel, a distinguished electronics physicist and the renowned author of "The Power of Light", published in 2016 by Trédaniel, revolutionizes our understanding of light and its effects on the well-being.

“Light Modulation”, a constantly evolving technique, skillfully combines amplitude modulation and frequency modulation, two complex processes which make it possible to vary the intensity and color of light. Behind this generic term hides a fascinating universe of carefully calibrated oscillators, shaped to offer an unparalleled light experience.

What truly sets Anadi Martel's technology apart is its ability to leverage not one, but a multitude of interconnected oscillators. These oscillators, twelve in number, interact synergistically, each making its unique contribution in terms of amplitude, frequency, phase and much more. This sophisticated mesh of light parameters creates a spectrum of psychophysiological effects of unequaled richness.

Over two decades of passionate research, Anadi Martel has not only perfected this technology, but also identified the most powerful and effective combinations in terms of influencing our mental and physical well-being. The practical applications of this revolutionary discovery extend to light therapy and chromotherapy, opening up a world of opportunities to improve our quality of life.

To further explore this captivating journey into the world of Light Modulation, as well as to understand the inestimable benefits of light therapy and chromotherapy, we invite you to delve into the enlightening pages of The Power of Light .

By revealing the secrets of this exceptional technology, this book invites you to discover the bright future of health and well-being. Don't wait any longer to embrace this revolution of light, designed to illuminate your life with a thousand colors.

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