Il y a deux mains jointes qui reçoivent un rayon lumineux.

Sensolight, a patented technological innovation

The patented technology called “Light Modulation” is a light control process that is at the heart of the operation of the Sensolight.

It is the fruit of long years of research carried out by Anadi Martel, electronic physicist author of the book "The Power of Light", published by Trédaniel in 2016.

There are mainly two types of modulation: amplitude modulation, which corresponds to a cyclic modification of the light intensity, and frequency modulation, corresponding to a modification of the color - since it is the frequency of the light which determines its color.

The term light modulation is generic to refer to the use of oscillators to vary the properties of a light source.

Performing its research at the start with a single oscillator, then three, then twelve oscillators intermodulating each other and each comprising their properties (amplitude, frequency, phase, waveform, symmetry, duty cycle, etc.), the control parameters are then multiplied .

During 20 years of research, Anadi Martel has worked to determine the most interesting and effective combinations in terms of psychophysiological effects.

To learn more about the patented light modulation process, and about the benefits of light therapy and chromotherapy in general, we recommend reading Anadi Martel's book, The Power of Light .
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